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Recent defective products from Honda include Accord cars

Honda car drivers in Texas may be impacted by a recent auto recall affecting more than a million cars, particularly if they end up traveling to cold states during the winter season -- for the holidays, for example. Honda Motor Company recently decided to recall a whopping 1.2 million Accord cars due to a problem with the battery sensory. According to officials, an electrical short, which could, in turn, cause a fire may occur in these defective products during the winter.

So far, there have been four reported cases of fires in car engine compartments as a result of the battery sensory problem. Each case was reported from a state where salt is utilized for clearing roads during the winter time. Apparently, the sensors in the battery's negative terminal are not correctly sealed from moisture.

Drunk driving may cause fatal car accidents

A motor vehicle accident has sadly claimed the lives of two individuals in Texas. According to police, the crash was the result of a female city commissioner's decision to drink and drive. Those who cause fatal car accidents due to drinking and driving may be held liable in civil court for the deaths resulting from these accidents.

The recent accident occurred near a causeway bridge. Police said the city commissioner was driving a pickup truck and ended up sideswiping another pickup truck that was stopped on the right shoulder of Interstate 45 Gulf Freeway. A man and his son, who were in the second pickup, had gotten out of the pickup truck to tie down some Plexiglass in their truck bed. They had just finished repairing a broken building window.

Actions to take after a truck accident

Large trucks are a familiar site around San Antonio, bringing goods to the surrounding area or, in many cases, transporting materials and equipment related to neighboring offshore drilling operations.

Unfortunately, large trucks can produce devastating injuries when they are involved in an accident. If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries in a truck accident, you may feel at a loss for what to do next.

$5.2 million fine assessed in case involving defective products

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. recently agreed to pay fines totaling $5.2 million after being accused of delays in reporting issues with some of the company's recreational vehicles. The vehicles considered to be defective products include three different models of the company's Teryx off-road vehicles. These automobiles, sold in Texas and elsewhere, are from the model years 2012 to 2016.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, three Teryx vehicles featured a defect capable of causing severe injury or death. Specifically, Kawasaki received over 400 reports about breaking and cracking floorboards in one of the models during the vehicles' normal operation. This occurred when debris outside of the vehicles impacted or penetrated the floorboards. Three such incidents led to injuries to consumers, with one injury being deemed serious. In addition, the company received over 150 reports about issues with two other models, with three of these incidents resulting in injuries, with one of these being serious.

Fatal car accidents may result from drunk driving

An elderly couple recently lost their lives in a tragic Texas traffic accident. The man and woman who died in the car accident were 79 and 80 years old respectively. When fatal car accidents occur due to the negligence or recklessness of certain motorists, these motorists may be held liable for the accident-related deaths in civil court.

According to police, a 37-year-old man was driving at about 6 p.m. on a Tuesday. All of a sudden, he reportedly struck multiple cars at an intersection. One of the cars he struck belonged to the elderly couple.

What happens when a loved one dies while working

It's the kind of worst-case scenario no one wants to consider. After months or years of leaving for work every morning, one day your loved one doesn't come back home. Many times, when someone dies at work, it's because they worked in a high risk industry, like professional driving, construction or one of many positions on an oil rig. Other times, an accident with machinery or an equipment failure could result in fatalities at even the safest of manufacturing or even retail jobs. Whatever the cause of death, it is still traumatic to lose someone you love due to a workplace incident.

Not only do you and your family have to adjust to life without someone you love, your finances are almost certainly going to be impacted. If the person who died at work was your household's primary wage earner, it could change your quality of life and ability to provide for your family. Losing a spouse or parent to a work accident is difficult. You shouldn't have to compound that with additional losses, such as losing your home or your vehicle because you are unable to pay for your monthly expenses. Thankfully, workers' compensation offers benefits to families who have suffered a work-related loss.

Defective products include sport, kitchen products

A few product recalls may affect consumers in Texas, particularly those into sports and those who have purchased kitchen products recently. Regarding sport products, kiteboard control systems and bicycles have been recalled. In addition, the kitchen-related defective products that are impacted by recent recalls include a couple of different types of mugs.

Kiteboard control systems from Cabrinha Kites have been recalled because the connection point between the landing line and lower front line may break, thus causing the user to lose control of his or her kite. This can pose a fall or injury hazard as a result. In addition, VanMoof reported that its M3 S and B series bikes are dangerous, in that the front tire may jam if an item becomes stuck between it and the mud guard/fender in the front. Thus, the company has agreed to replace the bolt in the front fender.

Car accidents sometimes due to driver carelessness

An oral surgeon who had been in practice for many years was killed in a recent SUV accident. The tragedy occurred at a Texas car dealership on a Monday at around 8:15 a.m. Many car accidents are attributed to driver negligence, and in these situations, the drivers may be held liable for monetary damages in civil court.

The doctor was 77 years old. According to police, he was at the local car dealership when an employee was moving a sport utility vehicle in the parking lot and had to back up through the lot. The employee was with another worker in the motor vehicle, as they were attempting to open the gates for the business day.

Texas texting: Is it illegal? For truckers, it is

You know that texting is not illegal while people drive in all of Texas, but federally, commercial drivers are restricted in what they can do behind the wheel. Texting while driving a commercial vehicle can lead to a driver losing his or her license and being disqualified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Texting includes reading or writing a text on a cellphone or other electronic device. It can also include using more than one button to end or begin a call. 

Defective products include food dehydrators

A recent recall of food dehydrators may affect consumers in the state of Texas. The product recall involves EZDRY dehydrators distributed by Greenfield World Trade. These defective products have the potential to overheat and thus pose burn and fire hazards.

The dehydrators being recalled are white, and each feature six trays. They were sold at Amazon.com online as well as at Kohl's stores throughout the United States between June of 2016 and February of 2017. The dehydrators cost anywhere from $40 to $50.

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