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Defective products pose choking hazard

Consumers in Texas may be impacted by several recent recalls, with a couple of them involving objects that pose a choking hazard. One of these recalled items is a toy, whereas the other one is children's clothing. The Consumer Product Safety Commission listed these defective products in the month of August.

The toys being recalled due to posing a choking hazard is Hallmark's Disney-licensed baby plush stackable toys. These toys feature fabric bows and hats that can easily break off. Consumers are entitled to receive full refunds for these products.

Car accidents may happen due to slick roads

Sadly, a car crash caused two women's lives to be cut short in Texas, whereas a third person suffered injuries. The car accident occurred along U.S Highway 281 on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately, sometimes, these types of car accidents happen due to the carelessness of a motorist while behind the wheel.

Regarding the recent accident, police said rain was coming down when it happened at a little before 11 a.m. A car was going south on the highway and suddenly lost traction. At that time, it crossed into the lane going north and entered a pickup truck's path.

San Antonio: The risk to pedestrians is high in the city

San Antonio is a great place to raise a family, especially if you work in the industrial field. One problem with the area is the high risk of accidents with trucks and commercial vehicles due to the amount of industry in the city and surrounding areas.

Around 50 people die each year in San Antonio as a result of vehicle-versus-pedestrian accidents, as of data from 2016. Many are hit knowing that the area is a danger to them and their loved ones.

Head-on car accidents may result from failure to stay in lane

Sadly, two individuals lost their lives in a tragic motor vehicle accident in Texas. The collision took place along U.S. 377 on a Monday night. Sometimes car accidents occur due to the carelessness of a motorist, in which case, this motorist may be held liable in civil court.

According to authorities, a 59-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man passed away in the recent Texas accident. Police said the woman's car breached the center lane of the road. That is when it apparently hit the man's car head on.

Precautions to help prevent injuries caused by defective products

When a Texas consumer purchases an item in a store or online, he or she rightfully expects it to work as advertised. Especially where toys are concerned, defective products can cause serious injuries that result in partial or permanent disabilities. However, parents may be able to avoid mishaps in some instances by keeping a few precautions in mind.

Many children love toys with bright colors, glitter and other metallic surfaces. If parents want to be as safe as possible, it might be best to avoid giving painted toys or those with cheap metal surfaces to their children. Children, especially toddlers, often put things in their mouths, and these toys may contain dangerous ingredients, such as lead that can be very harmful to children's health.

Car accidents may stem from speeding

Sadly, a man recently lost his life in a motor vehicle accident in Texas. His family members are now left to grieve and question how the man's life could have been taken so soon. Sometimes these types of car accidents occur due to the carelessness of another motorist on the road, in which case the negligent motorist may be held liable through the civil court system.

The Texas accident occurred on a Friday. According to police, a 35-year-old semi-truck driver changed lanes unsafely on the Interstate 69C and Interstate 2 interchange. That is when the truck driver reportedly clipped a car from behind.

Oil field workers and drug use: A very serious problem

Most Texas oil field workers know that their job involves some serious dangers. As such, they take precautions to keep themselves and their coworkers safe. However, a recent article reveals that many Texas oil field workers are using drugs. For example, one worker admitted to taking $200 worth of cocaine per day so he could stay awake while hauling sand and water across a West Texas oil field.

Even though oil field truckers are getting tested for drugs, the ones using drugs have found ways to pass the tests, anyway. These workers are often getting six-figure salaries, which are only possible when they push themselves to the limit of exhaustion through the use of drugs.

Recent defective products from Honda include Accord cars

Honda car drivers in Texas may be impacted by a recent auto recall affecting more than a million cars, particularly if they end up traveling to cold states during the winter season -- for the holidays, for example. Honda Motor Company recently decided to recall a whopping 1.2 million Accord cars due to a problem with the battery sensory. According to officials, an electrical short, which could, in turn, cause a fire may occur in these defective products during the winter.

So far, there have been four reported cases of fires in car engine compartments as a result of the battery sensory problem. Each case was reported from a state where salt is utilized for clearing roads during the winter time. Apparently, the sensors in the battery's negative terminal are not correctly sealed from moisture.

Actions to take after a truck accident

Large trucks are a familiar site around San Antonio, bringing goods to the surrounding area or, in many cases, transporting materials and equipment related to neighboring offshore drilling operations.

Unfortunately, large trucks can produce devastating injuries when they are involved in an accident. If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries in a truck accident, you may feel at a loss for what to do next.

$5.2 million fine assessed in case involving defective products

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. recently agreed to pay fines totaling $5.2 million after being accused of delays in reporting issues with some of the company's recreational vehicles. The vehicles considered to be defective products include three different models of the company's Teryx off-road vehicles. These automobiles, sold in Texas and elsewhere, are from the model years 2012 to 2016.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, three Teryx vehicles featured a defect capable of causing severe injury or death. Specifically, Kawasaki received over 400 reports about breaking and cracking floorboards in one of the models during the vehicles' normal operation. This occurred when debris outside of the vehicles impacted or penetrated the floorboards. Three such incidents led to injuries to consumers, with one injury being deemed serious. In addition, the company received over 150 reports about issues with two other models, with three of these incidents resulting in injuries, with one of these being serious.

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