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Working on an oil rig can be a very dangerous job

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2017 | Catastrophic Injuries |

Many people seek out jobs working on oil rigs. These jobs can often offer great pay to those who work them. Sadly, that higher pay often comes with increased risk for job site injuries. Most who choose to work on oil rigs will complete their career without any serious injuries or accidents. For some, however, the job could claim their mobility, their ability to continue working or even their lives. When that happens, there are social safety nets, such as workers’ compensation, in place. These systems exist to protect the injured workers and their loved ones from the financial fallout of an accident.

Many people in Texas work in the gas or energy fields, but few take on as many risks as those working on offshore oil rigs. These workers face a number of dangers, from explosions and falls to falling equipment. Workers employed on an oil rig may suffer injuries or even die while working. In these cases, benefits from workers’ compensation may help. Sometimes, a civil lawsuit may be appropriate, if an employer violated safety regulations. If you or someone you love suffered injuries while working on an oil rig, you should speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Falling equipment caused a recent oil rig fatality

Last month, a worker died on the job due to falling equipment on an oil rig in Brazoria County, roughly forty miles south of Houston, Texas. A snatch block broke, resulting in equipment falling from the oil rig. A snatch block is a system that includes a pulley and a hook, which is used for moving heavy equipment, supplies and machinery. In this situation, workers were trying to move a piece of equipment to the top of the oil rig’s platform. The worker was 43 years old, and he was struck by falling equipment that weight several thousand pounds.

In some cases, failures like this are the result of poor maintenance and inadequate safety precautions. Investigation into the accident can help the surviving family members and their attorney determine if a workers’ compensation claim or a civil lawsuit is the best form of recourse. In both cases, the family will benefit from the help and advice of an experienced personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney. An attorney can help with the workers’ compensation claim process. Filing a civil lawsuit is also more likely to be successful with legal guidance.

An attorney can protect you after an oil rig accident

Work injuries do happen, which is why there are safety regulations and workers’ compensation. However, it can be difficult for families to handle the fallout of these accidents on their own. An attorney can help ensure that anyone responsible is held legally accountable. Legal advocacy can also help offset the financial burden caused by the loss or injury of the family’s primary wage earner.

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