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Recent defective products from Honda include Accord cars

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2017 | Defective Products |

Honda car drivers in Texas may be impacted by a recent auto recall affecting more than a million cars, particularly if they end up traveling to cold states during the winter season — for the holidays, for example. Honda Motor Company recently decided to recall a whopping 1.2 million Accord cars due to a problem with the battery sensory. According to officials, an electrical short, which could, in turn, cause a fire may occur in these defective products during the winter.

So far, there have been four reported cases of fires in car engine compartments as a result of the battery sensory problem. Each case was reported from a state where salt is utilized for clearing roads during the winter time. Apparently, the sensors in the battery’s negative terminal are not correctly sealed from moisture.

Road salt has the potential to come in contact with the negative terminal and cause corrosion. This can eventually result in an electrical short. The current Honda recall is just one of many recalls involving Honda motor vehicles that have been issued over the past few years.

When consumers in Texas purchase motor vehicles, they naturally expect them to be safe to drive. Unfortunately, sometimes car makers create defective products. If a customer is hurt due to a defective car, he or she has the right to file a products liability claim for monetary damages. Liability has to be established before the court hearing the case before claims for damages will be determined. A successfully litigated claim may lead to a financial damage award, which can help with addressing medical costs and other monetary losses tied to using the defective product.

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