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Oil field workers and drug use: A very serious problem

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2017 | Blog |

Most Texas oil field workers know that their job involves some serious dangers. As such, they take precautions to keep themselves and their coworkers safe. However, a recent article reveals that many Texas oil field workers are using drugs. For example, one worker admitted to taking $200 worth of cocaine per day so he could stay awake while hauling sand and water across a West Texas oil field.

Even though oil field truckers are getting tested for drugs, the ones using drugs have found ways to pass the tests, anyway. These workers are often getting six-figure salaries, which are only possible when they push themselves to the limit of exhaustion through the use of drugs.

A brutal job that involves long and boring shifts

The drivers, often sleepy, are driving 35-ton trucks in single file across oil fields on trips that might last as long as 48 hours. They blow their air horns to keep their fellow truckers from falling asleep. Some of them also take drugs.

“We always had cocaine,” one driver admitted during an interview. This man is now in recovery from his cocaine addiction. Some are saying that, yes, the oil booms bring lots of jobs and lots of money to Texas communities.

When workers are pushing themselves to their limits, however, in jobs that may be boring but bring in a lot of money, sometimes they turn to drugs to relieve their boredom, or just to stay awake. Many oil field workers consume methamphetamine and cocaine, for example.

Drugged truckers equals serious dangers

When an oil field trucker is using drugs, he or she will be endangering other truckers, and other employees in the oil field. This is unfair to the other hard-working truckers who are acting responsibly and following all safety precautions — especially when they get hurt as a result.

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