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Defective products pose choking hazard

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2017 | Defective Products |

Consumers in Texas may be impacted by several recent recalls, with a couple of them involving objects that pose a choking hazard. One of these recalled items is a toy, whereas the other one is children’s clothing. The Consumer Product Safety Commission listed these defective products in the month of August.

The toys being recalled due to posing a choking hazard is Hallmark’s Disney-licensed baby plush stackable toys. These toys feature fabric bows and hats that can easily break off. Consumers are entitled to receive full refunds for these products.

The children’s clothing that is being recalled comes from Cracker Barrel. According to the company, its Fabri-Tech rompers for babies, which are white- and red-checked and each have a toolbox design on the front part, should no longer be worn because the buttons on the shoulder straps may detach. Like the plush toy, consumers can return these clothing items to the store for full refunds. They can also return the items to Fabri-Tech directly, and the company can send them prepaid shipping labels.

Consumers naturally expect the goods they purchase from store shelves or online to be safe for them to use. However, sometimes manufacturers end up creating products that are defective, thus putting consumers in harm’s way. If consumers in Texas use defective products and end up getting hurt as a result, this can leave both physical scars and financial ones. Fortunately, these consumers have the right to file product liability claims against the manufacturers of the dangerous products, seeking the reimbursement of the damages sustained.

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