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Precautions might avoid fatal oilfield accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | Oilfield Accidents |

Workers employed on onshore oil rigs in Texas risk their lives every day. From chemical hazards to environmental and structural hazards, these work environments are some of the most dangerous in the country. Most of the dangers that cause oilfield accidents can be averted by taking some precautions.

The fact that petroleum and chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide are highly flammable makes fires on oil rigs the most significant safety hazard. Furthermore, unaddressed pressure can cause deadly explosions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a considerable percentage of onshore oil field fatalities involve falls from elevated levels, but dropped tools that strike other workers cause even more deaths. For this reason, it is crucial for workers to wear hard hats.

A variety of dangerous machinery on oil rigs pose hazards to those who are not adequately trained to operate them. Along with the drill, dangers are posed by spinning machine parts and cranes or forklifts that are used as support units. Excessive noise makes communication difficult, and many cases of workers crushed by machinery are reported. Electrocution is also the cause of many deaths on oil rigs. The long shifts these employees work, from seven to 14 days without breaks, can cause fatigue that slows their reaction times, increasing the chances of accidents and resulting injuries.

Families who lost loved ones in oilfield accidents might be unsure of their rights to seek financial relief. They can get answers to all their questions from an experienced Texas personal injury and wrongful death attorney. A lawyer can investigate the circumstances that led to the fatal accident, suggest the possible sources of compensation and provide the necessary support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings.