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Defective products include Mazda and Nissan cars

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Defective Products |

A couple of recent automobile-related recalls may impact drivers in Texas. The defective products being recalled include thousands of both Mazda cars and Nissan cars. The problem with these cars is that their Takata airbags may explode.  

Mazda has decided to recall about 270,000 motor vehicles due to the airbag issue. Apparently, the chemicals used to make the airbags inflate may deteriorate in certain conditions. As a result, the airbags can deploy too forcefully, therefore causing a canister made of metal to blow apart. This, in turn, can lead to flying shrapnel, which can harm passengers and drivers. The problematic airbags are present in certain Mazda vehicles with the model years of 2003 to 2008.

Nissan is recalling about 105,000 motor vehicles in light of the airbag defect. The automobiles that are part of the recall include 2011 and 2012 model-year motor vehicles. During the past few years, around 50 million inflators of airbags have undergone recalls in the United States. So far, 180-plus injuries and 22 deaths related to the Takata airbag defect have occurred.

Consumers in Texas and elsewhere expect the products they use to be tested and confirmed to be in tip-top shape before they purchase them. Unfortunately, not all products that are made available for purchase are safe for consumers to use. Individuals who are injured due to using defective products have the right to file product liability claims against the makers of these products. Monetary damages in a successfully litigated product liability claim might help an injury victim to address his or her medical costs and other expenses tied to the use of the dangerous product.