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Did a third party cause your truck accident?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Truck Accident Injuries |

When victims of truck accidents begin building their injury claims, they often find that it is not a simple process at all. In fact, it may take a good deal of work to determine who exactly is responsible for the accident in the first place.

In many claims, either the consumer driver or the commercial driver is at fault, but not always. Sometimes, another party’s mistakes or faulty components may cause an accident, and when this happens the victims must build a strong case that holds them liable. When third parties are liable for large, destructive accidents, the victims must focus their attention on creating a strong legal strategy that uses all the available evidence to seek justice.

Common third-party defendants

If you recently experienced a truck accident and suspect that a third party is responsible, you must gather as much evidence as you can. There are more factors that can cause a truck accident than those discussed here, so make sure to do your research and seek professional guidance to protect your rights.

One of the most common third-party causes of truck accidents are poorly secured loads. Often, the driver of a truck does not do the loading or unloading of the trailer. The company that hires the truck may be responsible for loading and securing the trailer, or the removal of part of the cargo may loosen the contents. This can easily cause the cargo load to move within the trailer, which can cause the trailer to roll over, or may make it difficult to steer and brake safely.

It is also possible that the manufacturer of a component in the truck may hold liability, if the failure of that component causes an accident. For instance, if a component of the truck’s steering column fails, the driver may not be able to steer the vehicle, leading to a collision. Clearly, this is beyond the control of the driver, and may place the liability for the accident on the manufacturer.

Bad repairs and poor maintenance can also lead to accidents, and may place liability on the company or party that performed the bad work. For instance, if a truck’s brake line repair is faulty and the driver cannot brake in time to avoid an accident, then the party who repaired the brake line is possibly liable for the accident.

Protect yourself sooner rather than later

Pursuing fair compensation from third-party defendants is not a simple or quick process. To keep your rights and priorities secure while you recover from your accident, make sure to use the legal tools and guidance you have to craft a detailed claim. The sooner that you begin building your claim, the more options you have while you seek full, fair compensation for your losses and injuries.