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Car accidents caused by speeding may lead to death, injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Car Accident Injuries |

A car accident recently claimed the lives of two high schoolers in Texas. In addition, two high schoolers suffered injuries in the crash. These types of car accidents can easily happen due to a driver’s carelessness — for instance, driving too quickly for weather conditions — which is grounds for civil litigation.

The recent Texas crash occurred along State Highway 43 South. Authorities reported that an automobile was going too quickly on the wet roadway. All of a sudden, it began to hydroplane and ended up leaving the roadway and striking a tree.

Two high school boys in the car passed away in the collision. Meanwhile, two others suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital. Apparently, none of the high schoolers were wearing seatbelts when the wreck occurred.

If the high schooler who reportedly caused the Texas accident suffered injuries in it, the other injured student may file a personal injury claim against him or her. In addition, the surviving loved ones of the deceased students may file wrongful death claims, seeking damages. Meanwhile, if the student who allegedly caused the accident died in the crash, anybody else with an ownership interest in the car — for example, perhaps his parents — may face a wrongful death claim as well as personal injury claims. Liability must be established before the court before claims for damages will be determined. A successfully fought suit might lead to a judicial award of monetary damages, which may help with covering medical costs, burial expenses and other losses linked to these types of car accidents.