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Wrong-way car accidents can lead to serious injuries, death

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | Car Accident Injuries |

Two individuals recently lost their lives in a tragic head-on crash in Texas. A third person was also injured in the collision. The accident took place along Highway 183 during the early morning hours on a Monday. Sometimes these types of car accidents happen as a result of negligent driving, which is grounds for a civil lawsuit in the Lone Star State.

The recent Texas collision took place close to 3 a.m. Police reported that an SUV driver was going east in the highway’s westbound lanes. The SUV ended up striking a car head on as a result.

The car driver lost his life in the crash. Meanwhile, his male passenger was transported to the hospital with serious injuries, which included broken legs. The SUV driver also passed away in the collision. Authorities closed the highway’s westbound lanes for over five hours while they completed their investigation of the accident.

The family members of the car driver who died in the wrong-way accident may opt to file a wrongful death claim in this situation. Likewise, the injured car passenger may choose to file a personal injury claim, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. Although the SUV driver who allegedly caused the accident passed away in the wreck, his estate may still be named in a lawsuit, and so may any person with an ownership interest in the SUV he was operating when the crash happened. In a claim that is fought successfully, the plaintiff may receive a judicial award of monetary damages that might help with addressing funeral costs, hospital bills and other losses linked to these kinds of Texas car accidents.