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Who can you hold liable after a bus crash?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries |

Bus accidents can result in severe injuries. These accidents may involve dozens of victims, and they can be disastrous.

As someone who was on a bus when it crashed, you may be unsure of how to pursue compensation. Do you seek it from the bus driver? What about their employer? Is it the driver who was at fault in another automobile that you should turn to for aid?

Get to know who’s responsible for covering your losses after a bus crash

Bus crashes are unique in that they could have several at-fault parties and liable parties. Buses are known as common carriers, which means that it is their business to carry people or goods from one place to another in exchange for payment. Common carriers are expected to exercise a high degree of care and diligence to keep its passengers safe.

To determine who’s liable for the crash and whom you should file a claim against, you’ll need to discuss the case with your attorney. A police report may be made to indicate who was at fault for the crash, which will help you determine whom to sue or with whom to file an insurance claim. Here are a few examples of who might be liable in your case.

1. The driver made a mistake

If the driver makes a mistake, the likelihood is that the driver will be liable. If they are a contractor, then you may be able to file a claim against them directly. If they are employed through a company, then the employer may be liable for the crash.

2. A dangerous driver hit the bus

If a semitruck, passenger vehicle or other type of vehicle hits the bus as a result of its driver’s negligence, then that driver may be responsible for the collision. In this case, you may want to pursue a claim directly against the party who caused the crash.

3. The bus has a mechanical failure that leads to a crash

If a bus has a mechanical failure that later leads to a crash, then you may be able to sue or file a claim against the bus company or tour company with which you were riding for failing to maintain its vehicles. These organizations are expected to keep their buses in reasonably safe condition.

Your injuries may be serious, and you deserve to be compensated. Empower yourself with knowledge on how to seek compensation in Texas after a crash.