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Springtime driving safety tips

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Car Accident Injuries |

When seasons change, it’s critical to consider the impact on how you drive. Even if other drivers don’t take the same level of caution, you can adjust your approach to enhance your safety and minimize the risk of being injured in an accident.

Here are several springtime driving safety tips that will give you peace of mind:

  • Keep an eye on the sky: Springtime has the potential to bring wet and windy weather to the San Antonio, which makes it more difficult to operate a motor vehicle. When inclement weather strikes, slow down and leave a greater following distance.
  • Watch for animals: Animal activity picks up during the spring months, so it’s even more important to keep an eye on the road. If a deer or another animal darts out in front of your vehicle, you only have a split second to safely maneuver around it.
  • Maintain your vehicle: For example, check your tire pressure and operation of your windshield wipers as the spring weather arrives. If you find something wrong with your vehicle, take care of it without delay.
  • Watch for kids: As the weather warms, you can expect kids to spend more time outdoors. And this often means they’re in close proximity to where you’re driving. Take special caution by slowing down in school and residential zones and making sure you stop for them at crosswalks.
  • Watch for bicyclists: Warm weather brings bicyclists out in large numbers. While most bicyclists do their part in following the rules of the road, this doesn’t always hold true. Make special note of those who are driving in bicycle lanes, in traffic and crossing the road at intersections.

The only problem with these springtime driving safety tips is that you can’t guarantee that other drivers will follow them. There will always be people who violate the law, such as speeding in a rainstorm.

Should a negligent driver cause an accident, don’t hesitate to turn your focus to your injuries and how to best receive medical care. There’s time in the near future to review the police report and file an insurance claim. It’s then that you can take steps to seek compensation and protect your legal rights.