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Faulty baby and infant products can endanger your newborn

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Defective Products |

If you purchase products for your new baby, you probably do a lot of research first. You want to find products of that are safe and reliable. Sadly, even if you purchase brand-name products from major retailers, the danger of product failure due to defective components or inadequate testing looms large.

There are dozens of infant-related product recalls every year, and many only happen once a baby gets hurt. Imagine strapping in your baby into a carrier so that they could stay close to your body, only to have a buckle crack, resulting in your baby falling. That is one of dozens of potentially fatal product failures that have resulted in baby-related recalls just in 2020.

Companies taking a product off the shelf will be cold comfort for those who have to care for an injured infant or who lose a beloved child because of a defective product.

Companies ship out defective products all the time

Sometimes, the defect in an infant product stems from its design. It could have small pieces that a baby could potentially snap off and put in their mouth, presenting a choking hazard. Companies need to make sure everything they make for use around infants is actually baby-proof.

It’s also possible that the issue is not faulty design but rather issues with production. Receiving substandard components could leave the product at risk of breaking or failing, while inadequate testing in manufacturing facilities may not catch defective parts before the items go out to consumers or retail facilities.

When consumers or regulatory agencies discover defects, the company can either voluntarily recall items or sometimes gets forced into a recall if the danger is serious. Those who suffer injuries and losses prior to the recall may have the right to take action against the manufacturer or, in certain cases, the retailer.

Parents deserve to trust the products they buy for their babies

New parents are typically willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money on their most recent addition to the family. Companies need to remember that their desire to profit off of that caregiving and shopping impulse in parents should be secondary to producing something that is safe for families to use with a baby.

Taking legal action against manufacturers who turn out faulty infant and toddler products is one way to help motivate businesses to put the safety of consumers ahead of massive profits.