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Taking to your teenager about safe driving

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Car Accident Injuries |

Teenagers are statistically some of the most likely to be involved in a car accident. This is because their inexperience paired with their tendency to engage in high-risk behavior and give in to peer-pressure leads to a higher likelihood of a crash. As a parent of a teenage driver, you should take responsibility when it comes to educating them on how to operate a vehicle safely, and the types of behavior they should avoid.

If your teenager is involved in an accident when using the family car, you as the car owner and insurance holder may have liability. The following are some tips for having a mature conversation with your teen about driving safely and avoiding accidents.

Listen to their opinions and concerns

It’s likely that your teen is sensible and aware of the dangers of driving. Instead of lecturing them about what they should and should not do to avoid being involved in a car accident, try asking them questions. For example, you could ask them what you think are the biggest barriers that could prevent them from driving safely. By doing this, you are showing that you respect their thoughts, and you are encouraging them to consider what triggers, such as peer pressure, could potentially lead them to drive dangerously.

Make a safe driving plan together

You could set rules for your child without ever consulting them. However, a better idea could be to sit with them and devise a safe driving plan that you both agree with. This could include guidelines such as not transporting friends who are drunk and could be distracting. You may also want to suggest that they do not drive after 10 p.m. or with more than two friends in the car.

By respecting your child and trusting them to make responsible decisions, you will be empowering them to think about how their actions affect their own and other people’s safety. If your teen has become involved in an incident in Texas, it’s important that you know how the law will be applied to them.