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Nissan recalls over 100,000 vehicles due to manufacturing defect

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Defective Products |

If you drive a Nissan, then it’s time to make sure your vehicle isn’t part of a recall. The summer is a time when you might let your teenager drive or take your kids to more appointments and events, but a faulty vehicle could put you all at risk of injury or death.

Nissan is recalling two model years of the Sentra, 2020 and 2021. The company reports that the vehicle may make it difficult to steer because of a dangerous defect.

138,738 Nissan Sentra models in recall

According to the automaker, 138,738 Sentras are being recalled due to a problem with the vehicles’ tie rods. The tie rods, which may have bent due to a manufacturing problem, could break and make it difficult or impossible for drivers to maintain control over their vehicles.

What can owners watch out for?

Nissan has stated that drivers may notice the steering wheel vibrates more than usual or is no longer center-oriented. If the steering wheel appears to be off-center, then there is a higher potential for this defect to impact the vehicle.

Nissan will send notifications out to all people with 2020 or 2021 Sentras. However, the company has said it won’t be officially sending notices until August 5, so drivers need to pay close attention to their vehicles in the meantime. In August, it’s expected that dealers will be able to handle inspections and any necessary repairs.

What can you do if you’re involved in a crash due to a broken tie rod?

It is terrifying to know that you and your family have been put at risk because of a manufacturing error. If you drive one of these vehicles and end up getting into a crash because you lose control of your vehicle, then you may be able to hold the manufacturer and others responsible for any pain or losses you suffer.

Vehicles are supposed to be built to the highest standards. When defects make them dangerous to drive, your life may be put on hold or, even worse, at risk. If you do crash, know your rights and make sure to look into making a claim for an auto defect.