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Being seen on your bicycle

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Car Accident Injuries |

Whether you use your bike for exercise, a hobby or transportation, summer is a great time to get your bicycle out for another adventure.

Safety is an essential part of going out on your bike. In addition to your helmet and other protective gear, you should also make sure you are easily visible to others on the road.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when getting ready for your next ride.

Lights and reflectors

Often, bicycles will come with a handful of reflectors on the front, back and sides that will serve as the base for safe bike rides. While these are important, they are only a starting point, especially if you plan to ride in the dark often.

When adding lights, keep in mind that your front light is both to see and be seen, so you will need a higher output (about 250 to 2,000 lumens). Your rear light is only for being seen, so it can have a lower output (about 50-100 lumens), but it should pulse so that it is easy to distinguish you from motor vehicle traffic.

Apparel matters

Lights are only one part of being visible on your bike. Whether you are biking during the day or at night, wearing clothing that is easy for motorists to see can be essential to keeping everyone safe.

When you choose apparel for your bike ride, you should look for light-colored items with reflective qualities, especially if you will be riding at night. If you are unsure how long your bike ride will last, you may want to bring a reflective vest that you can put over your outfit to ensure you stay visible.

Bicycle safety is an essential part of being a responsible rider. When you make extra efforts to ensure others can see you, it increases the chances that everyone can get home safely.