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Who is at fault in large truck collisions?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Truck Accident Injuries |

Your catastrophic injuries stemming from a large-truck crash make you wonder whether you can recover physically, emotionally and financially. It will take a great amount of time to heal, and it also may take some time to determine who or what was responsible for the collision.

Can blame be laid squarely on the truck driver? Maybe the trucking company or truck manufacturer bear some responsibility. A thorough investigation is necessary and may implicate any number of players.

The driver, trucking company and manufacturer

Here is a list of the parties that may be responsible for a large truck accident:

  • The truck driver: The driver may be at fault for making a horrendous mistake. Distracted driving or impaired driving may be scenarios. Under pressure from tight deadlines, the driver may suffer from fatigue due to little sleep. Speeding and driving recklessly also may be at the root.
  • The truck carrier/company: Did the trucking company – the employer – provide proper training to its drivers? Did it hastily hire drivers who were not qualified to operate these several-ton vehicles?
  • The large truck manufacturer: Truck makers must ensure that their product is safe and underwent thorough testing before introduced to the marketplace. Defective parts such as brakes and steering may lead to tragedy.
  • The maintenance company: Trucking companies depend on a dependable maintenance firm to maintain its fleet. Poor repairs may lead to breakdowns and collisions.
  • The packing and loading company: This firm must do its job correctly and efficiently. Unbalanced loads can be dangerous, causing the shifting of cargo. As a result, the truck driver may have difficulty maneuvering the vehicle, and the truck also may overturn.

Any of these players may be at fault.

Seek a legal advocate

The disregard of public safety should never go unpunished. The carelessness and negligence of certain players within the trucking industry may have led to your serious injuries. This is the time to seek a legal advocate and the compensation you deserve.