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What types of compensation are available after semi-truck wrecks?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Truck Accident Injuries |

A semi-truck crash is one of the most destructive experiences an individual can have in traffic. In a matter of seconds, a collision could render their vehicle permanently unsafe to drive and could forever alter their physical health.

Semi-truck collisions have the potential to be financially and physically devastating for the people involved. While federal rules do mandate six-figure insurance policies for semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles, even that may not be enough to reimburse those affected by a crash with an 18-wheeler. People sometimes need to file personal injury lawsuits after semi-truck collisions.

What types of compensation can they request if they file a personal injury lawsuit?

Economic damages

The vast majority of the compensation available after a semi-truck crash relates to the economic damages caused by the collision. Economic damages include provable financial losses related to the wreck. Those who only pursue compensation through insurance may only be able to recover economic losses. Hospital bills and lost wages are examples of economic losses. People can request compensation for their current and likely future economic losses.

Non-economic losses

Texas does allow those involved in crashes to pursue non-economic damages for losses that may not have a direct financial value. The reduction in someone’s quality of life because of their functional limitations is a non-economic loss. Their anguish or physical discomfort is another non-economic damage. Disfigurement, disabilities and the loss of enjoyment of life are all non-economic losses that can contribute to the overall value of a personal injury lawsuit in Texas.

Punitive damages

What other states refer to as punitive damages are exemplary damages according to Texas state statutes. Exemplary damages do not reimburse the plaintiff for losses but instead serve as a punishment for the defendant. Texas has a relatively high standard for cases where plaintiffs request exemplary damages. They need clear and convincing evidence of fraud, malice or gross negligence if they expect a judge to award them exemplary damages in a semi-truck crash lawsuit.

Estimating the financial impact of a semi-truck crash can be as challenging as negotiating with a commercial insurance provider. Those attempting to recover their losses after a semi-truck crash may benefit from securing legal assistance throughout the process accordingly.