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Seeking legal guidance after being injured in a motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2024 | Motorcycle Accident Injuries |

Motorcyclists who are injured when a negligent driver slams into them may suffer from catastrophic injuries. These can include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and others that alter a crash victim’s life.

Victims of motorcycle crashes often face expensive medical bills and other costs related to the harm they’ve suffered. They may also be unable to work at time when they are being forced to navigate those increased expenses.

For some victims, this situation necessitates a legal claim for compensation to help them hold the liable party accountable for those financial damages. Seeking assistance from a legal representative is a priority for those individuals for a number of reasons, including the following.

Bias against motorcyclists

One of the most difficult challenges that some injured riders face involves having to fight bias against motorcyclists. Some people falsely believe that people on motorcycles are rebel lawbreakers who refuse to follow basic safety guidelines. This can make personal injury cases difficult for crash victims. A lawyer who’s familiar with these cases likely has options for showing that motorcyclists are typically safe drivers. They’ll also likely understand what’s needed to show that a victim was doing their part to remain safe at the time of the crash.

Comprehensive damages are critical

A personal injury claim is a one-time event. Once a case is resolved, a victim can’t come back to ask for more money. Because of this, it’s critical that financial damages are accurately calculated and pursued.

These cases should address the bills the injured motorcyclist already knows about, but the damages at issue may not stop there. The claim should also include future damages that are directly related to the crash. Determining this could require a legal representative to review similar cases to determine what types of damages other victims received and in what amounts.

Because laws surrounding personal injury, liability and negligence are so complex, motorcycle crash victims should work with a legal representative who can take steps to protect their interests. Having solid representation can also allow the victim to focus on healing while their legal representative handles their case.