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Representing Victims Injured In Bus Accidents

For more than 50 years, our attorneys at Dilley Law Firm have advocated for victims of accidents in Texas. Our goal is to provide you with personal attention while maximizing your recovery.

We know how to successfully negotiate and litigate your claim to protect your best interests. Our track record of success is due to our commitment to our clients every step of the way and our ability to work with top experts to give you the best advantage when filing a claim. Learn more about how we handle personal injury cases by visiting the page Our Philosophy.

With offices in San Antonio and McAllen, our lawyers represent victims of bus accidents throughout Texas. We handle all types of bus accidents, including crashes involving:

  • School buses
  • Public buses
  • Private buses, including transportation to and from casinos

Investigating The Cause Of The Crash

Bus accidents can cause severe and fatal injuries. We are diligent in our investigation to determine liability, and we will explore all options to hold all parties responsible for the crash.

Bus accidents may be caused by driver error or lack of training, mechanical or maintenance errors or defective products that caused a tire to blow out or brakes to seize up. We work with experienced investigators to determine the causes of accidents and which parties can be named as defendants in claims.

An injury after an accident can lead to long-term medical care. If you or a loved one has been injured, we are here to help. We will take immediate action after a crash to help you understand your rights and what legal action you can take to help pay for your injuries, lost wages and other damages. We also help families file wrongful death claims after fatal accidents.

Contact Our Lawyers After An Accident

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