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Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable After Crashes

Drunk driving accidents can cause devastating consequences. Injuries and fatalities caused by drunk drivers impact not only victims, but their families and other loved ones, too. Drunk drivers and, in some cases, establishments that served these drivers can be held liable in civil claims.

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Our attorneys at Dilley Law Firm hold drunk drivers accountable for accidents. We represent victims injured in drunk driving accidents in San Antonio and McAllen and throughout Texas. With more than four decades of trial experience and advocacy on behalf of victims, we are committed to helping you and your family find the best recovery.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

Drunk drivers can be named as defendants in personal injury and wrongful death claims. Third parties may also be held liable in some instances. The Texas Dram Shop Act holds establishments like bars and restaurants liable if they serve alcohol to an intoxicated individual and the individual is injured or causes an injury while intoxicated. This includes drunk driving accidents.

Filing a claim under the Dram Shop Act requires a certain skill set and knowledge of the law. We will evaluate the facts of the case with efficiency and use our findings to develop the best strategy in your claim. In cases where the drunk driver was served alcohol by an establishment, we will thoroughly investigate to determine the following:

  • Where was the driver drinking before the accident?
  • Was the driver intoxicated before being served by the establishment?
  • Did the bartender know the driver was already intoxicated and continue to serve him or her?

To get an accurate picture of the events leading up to the crash, we will also attempt to obtain credit card receipts or other proof that the driver was drinking at the establishment and interview witnesses to determine where the driver was, what he or she was drinking and if any other factors may have contributed to the accident.

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