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Understanding the many types of car accident injuries

There are many reasons why you never want to be involved in a car accident, including the fact that you could suffer a serious injury that alters your health for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to avoid trouble on the road, another driver could make a mistake that involves you in a crash.

Spinal injuries: The impact on your life now and in the future

When you fell, you heard a horrible snap and knew something was wrong. You weren't alone, so the people around you made sure you didn't move and called for emergency help immediately. The nearest hospital to you at the time was still at least several miles away, and there was a time delay in getting the help you needed.

You should seek medical treatment after a car accident

Car accidents are almost always more destructive and violent than victims may realize in the moment. They may discover that they have injuries they do not notice until they feel pain hours or even days later. Unfortunately, even though an injury may not cause pain, it may still cause serious harm. Some initially undetectable internal injuries can result in long-term complications or even fatalities.

Truckers' electronic logging devices: Will they improve safety?

New federal regulations require truckers to use electronic logging systems in their vehicles to make sure that their location, speed and driving data are known at all times. Earlier this month, truckers protested the safety regulations, saying that the monitoring devices would inhibit their freedom as truckers and make their jobs more difficult.

Brain injuries: No two injuries are the same

Working in the field, it's hard to imagine a day where there isn't a hazard around you. Normally, it's safe, but today was different. You attempted to drive machinery down the usual track, but the recent dry weather resulted in the earth crumbling beneath the weight of the machine. You hit your head, but nothing has been right ever since.

Transporting hazardous materials: A risk to workers

Working in the oil industry, there are always dangerous materials that need to be transported. As a loved one of someone killed while transporting these hazardous chemicals, you know the true dangers involved. Since your loved one was killed on the job, you have the right to a workers' compensation claim, which can help cover expenses and financial losses.

Oil field workers and drug use: A very serious problem

Most Texas oil field workers know that their job involves some serious dangers. As such, they take precautions to keep themselves and their coworkers safe. However, a recent article reveals that many Texas oil field workers are using drugs. For example, one worker admitted to taking $200 worth of cocaine per day so he could stay awake while hauling sand and water across a West Texas oil field.

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