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About The FDA Infant Formula Recall In February 2022

A product recall by a manufacturer or retailer should be taken seriously, especially when illnesses, injuries or deaths have been reported. In fact, some children have reportedly suffered harm after consuming certain brands of infant formula. Parents and caregivers who believe that their babies or toddlers may be at risk deserve to know the truth – and some may be eligible for compensation.

Our attorneys at Dilley Law Firm have helped many clients recover compensation through product liability claims. We are equipped to hold the appropriate manufacturers, retailers or distributors accountable. We will look for the answer to this question: Did the manufacturer recall the baby formula in a timely manner? If your child has been harmed because of a cover-up, we are ready to fight for relief and justice on your behalf.

Has Your Baby Been Affected?

If your baby has seemed ill after imbibing commercially sold baby formula recently, you should seek medical attention for your child right away. Get a copy of the doctor’s report, if possible. Also, look for sales receipts or packaging to confirm what brand your child consumed and what the expiration date was. We suggest that you write or make a voice recording about the details, such as the following:

  • Where and when you or someone else bought it
  • How your child demonstrated a bad reaction
  • Any eyewitnesses’ reports
  • Any medical records

Even if you don’t have any of these things, you should still consult with an attorney. You should know your rights if your child may have been harmed by tainted infant formula.

About The Product Recall

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an urgent recall and warning on February 18, 2022, about several brands of infant formulas. They were manufactured by Abbott Nutrition Sturgis in a factory in Michigan. Learn more about the infant formula recall by visiting our Infant Formula Recall FAQ page.

Reports of illnesses and at least one child’s death triggered the recall. The FDA indicated that these products, which had been distributed worldwide, may have been contaminated.

With Our Legal Advice, Explore Your Options

Let us examine the facts in your potential product liability case. Get answers to your questions. Should you join or initiate a class action suit? Or should you bring an individual injury claim or lawsuit against Abbott Nutrition Sturgis? We handle mass tort cases and can help.

The Dilley Law Firm currently represents the family of a three month old child who died as a result of baceteria poisoning after consuming the recalled Similac baby formula. Our firm also represents several other parents whose children were hospitalized as a result of their exposure to the tainted recalled baby formula. Our firm has already retained experts to assist in aggressively pursuing legal action against all responsible parties.

Learn how you can maximize the compensation you recover while holding negligent parties liable. Arrange a free consultation by contacting us online or calling 210-255-2060. Hablamos español.