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Answers To Questions About The FDA’s Baby Formula Recall

At Dilley Law Firm, we are committed to clear communication with clients and potential clients. The questions and answers below may help you decide to call us after your child consumed infant formula products named in a recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recall.

Which brands were included in the February 2022 recall?

Products known as Similac, Alimentum and EleCare were named in the recall. All had been manufactured by Abbott Nutrition Sturgis at a single factory in Michigan. All had numbers on the packaging starting with 22 through 37 and containing K8, SH or Z2. All had expiration dates of April 1, 2022, or later.

Why has the manufacturer recalled these infant formula products?

The FDA ordered this urgent recall in response to multiple reports of children who suffered injuries and at least one infant death. Each case was attributed to the consumption of Similac, Alimentum or EleCare.

What symptoms should I be concerned about if my child was fed any of these products?

The manufacturer recommends that parents seek help if their children demonstrate symptoms associated with a Cronobacter or salmonella infection. Examples cited include “poor feeding, irritability, temperature changes, jaundice, grunting breaths, abnormal movements, lethargy, rash, or blood in the urine or stool.” (See source).

What are our legal rights with regard to this infant formula recall?

You have the right to expect manufacturers, distributers and venders to protect consumers’ well-being. If someone or any organization violated their duty to the public, you may be able to recover compensation through a defective product claim or lawsuit.

Why should I work with an attorney instead of just contacting the manufacturer for help?

The manufacturer encourages you to call a toll-free number if your child may have been affected. However, until you know all details about the effects on your child’s health, we urge you to discuss your case with a lawyer before contacting the manufacturer.

Too many times, we have met with clients who had already signed away their rights to pursue full compensation in exchange for hastily offered, insufficient payments from manufacturers. Don’t let this happen before you know your child’s full prognosis. We have the knowledge and experience to handle mass tort claims.

How Can I Get An Attorney’s Analysis Of My Case?

At Dilley Law Firm, we are passionate about helping consumers who have suffered harm because of the wrongdoings of manufacturers, distributors and venders. Initial consultations are free. We do not collect attorney fees before recovering compensation. Call our firm at 210-255-2060 to learn more.