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Car accidents: rapper Paul Wall injured in crash

A prominent Houston entertainer is facing a potentially long road to recovery, following an accident that left him injured. Texas rapper Paul Wall was with his 12-year-old son when the crash occurred. As is the case in many car accidents, he sustained injuries he says continue to cause him pain. For the moment, no charges appear to have been filed against the other driver.

Information about this crash is limited, but it appears that Wall was on his way to a concert venue in Austin to perform a show when another vehicle struck his car head-on. Among those in the vehicle were Wall's 12-year-old son, but it is unclear how many other people were being transported. The cause for the crash is still under investigation, and it is unclear whether Wall was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Don’t miss gathering crucial evidence after a truck accident

It is easy to miss important evidence after a commercial truck accident, especially if your attention is focused on injuries. For many victims, truck accidents wreak havoc not only with physical injuries, but with the often overwhelming claim process.

If you recently survived a truck accident or find yourself caring for a loved one who suffered serious injuries in one, then you have a great deal of work to do while building a personal injury claim.

Fiery car accidents may lead to significant injuries, death

One man recently lost his life in a tragic automobile crash involving four cars in Texas. Three other people were also injured in the fiery collision. These types of car accidents may happen as a result of a driver's careless behavior behind the wheel, which is grounds for litigation in the Lone Star State.

The recent crash took place at around 5 a.m. along Northeast Loop 820. Authorities said that when they arrived at the scene, they saw that one of the four cars involved in the collision was covered in flames. However, citizens had pulled the 59-year-old driver from the fiery car, and authorities were able to extinguish the fire. Still, the driver ended up passing away at the crash scene.

Car accidents may result from falling asleep at the wheel

Two individuals lost their lives in a tragic motor vehicle crash that took place on a recent Sunday in Texas. The two parties who were killed in the crash were not yet married but were planning to spend their lives together. These types of fatal car accidents often occur as a result of a driver's carelessness, which is typically grounds for litigation.

According to authorities, a 28-year-old man was driving along Interstate 20, with a 26-year-old woman as his passenger. They had just left a party. However, at around midnight to 1 a.m., the man reportedly became tired or fell asleep.

Toyota and Honda recall defective products

The owners of Toyota or Honda automobiles in Texas may be impacted by recent recalls of these carmakers' motor vehicles. The recalls involve hundreds of thousands of automobiles worldwide. Officials reported that the defective products have issues involving either their air bags or their camera software.

Concerning Toyota, more than 180,000 cars, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks across the globe -- but mostly in North America -- are being recalled because their air bags might not inflate during a collision. The recall includes 2019 and 2018 Sequoia sport utility vehicles and Tundra pickups along with Avalon sedans from the 2019 model year. Apparently, the computer that controls the air bag may erroneously identify a fault after the automobile has started. As a result, the air bag might not deploy during a collision.

Building a wrongful death claim after a car accident

When a person loses their life in a car accident, the immediate needs of their family and community often overshadow the legal issues at hand. The grief of the loss can make it difficult for the victim's loved ones to even think about taking legal action, even if they know that it is warranted.

However, in circumstances where another person's actions or negligence cause the death of the victim, it is often necessary to file a wrongful death claim to seek justice. Of course, not all fatal accidents support wrongful death suits, so it is wise to examine what the law has to say about your specific circumstances if you are unsure.

Car accidents may result from poor weather conditions

A teenager recently lost her life in a tragic motor vehicle accident in Texas. Meanwhile, a woman suffered injuries in the morning collision along U.S. Highway 84. These types of car accidents are often due to a driver's carelessness, which is grounds for litigation.

The motor vehicle crash occurred on a Tuesday at about 7:35 a.m. At that time, storms were apparently rolling through the central part of Texas. According to police, the teenage girl was driving a car west when it hydroplaned.

Car accidents involving semitrailers are often fatal

A woman and three of her children were killed recently in a tragic Texas motor vehicle crash. Many car accidents result from a driver's carelessness. In those circumstances, the driver may be held financially responsible through the civil court system.

The recent Texas crash took place in the westbound lanes of Interstate 10. According to police, a semitrailer crashed into a pickup truck and a car. Several motor vehicles ended up catching fire as a result of the accident.

How do doctors treat bone fractures?

Bone fractures are common in car accidents and they can range from minor in severity to serious. If you've suffered from any kind of broken bone after a serious collision, you may want to learn a little bit about how doctors will likely treat your condition to facilitate the healing process.

Diagnosis and treatment of broken bones

Truck accidents may lead to serious injuries, death

An individual sadly died in a recent car accident in Texas. In addition, another person was seriously injured in the Tuesday evening accident, which involved a semi-truck. Sometimes, truck accidents occur due to the carelessness of a truck driver, in which case, the truck driver may be held liable for the injuries or deaths occurring as a result.

The recent Texas accident took place at a little before 6 p.m. in the area of County Road 4356 and U.S. 96. Police reported that a semi-truck driver did not stop and rear-ended a car. At the time, the car's driver had stopped to make a turn.

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