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Why are brain injuries caused by car crashes so expensive?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2023 | Car Accident Injuries |

Car crashes can cause severe injuries even when people properly use restraints and follow all traffic laws. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can occur because someone hits their head on part of the vehicle or because a vehicle spins or rolls over during the crash.

TBIs range from mild to severe. The most severe brain injuries are fatal or leave people dependent on life support indefinitely. Only a small percentage of those with new TBIs die immediately. Thousands of others have to adjust to life with new medical challenges. Frequently, those with TBIs discover that they have expenses well beyond what the available insurance can cover. What makes a crash-related TBI so expensive?

The medical support required

The first and most obvious expense for a brain injury is the treatment it necessitates. Some people may require surgical intervention, while many others need tens of thousands of dollars in emergency trauma care support. Even after someone leaves the hospital initially, they may require ongoing rehabilitative care, such as physical or occupational therapy. The lifetime medical care costs range from $85,000 to millions of dollars in some cases.

Lost earning potential

Every TBI manifests unique symptoms. Some people struggle with memory and cognition, while others develop fine motor function challenges. Many people have to leave their jobs after a TBI because they cannot perform the same work they used to. Even those who keep the same job may lose out on future earning potential because they are no longer as competitive as they once were in the workplace. Symptoms ranging from changes in personality to memory deficits can impact someone’s ability to perform their job well and their income.

The need for accommodations

Depending on what symptoms someone has, they may need nursing support in their home, life support machinery or an accessible living space. Those accommodations can be quite expensive for someone to obtain.

The combination of medical costs, necessary accommodations and lost earning potential can lead to financial devastation for those involved in major collisions. Those coping with a TBI or supporting a loved one who has one may benefit from seeking legal assistance while navigating an insurance claim or support when filing a personal injury lawsuit. Knowing how much a TBI can cost may help people more effectively seek financial compensation to better cover those expenses when the harm in question was caused by another’s actions or inactions.