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Why you need an attorney after a commercial truck accident

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2017 | Truck Accident Injuries |

When you’re traveling in a motor vehicle, it only takes a few seconds for an accident to change your life. Many times, accidents happen thanks to someone’s negligence, whether mirrors weren’t checked or the driver was distracted by something like a cellphone.

When the person at fault for the crash is driving a commercial truck, the chances of severe injuries and major property damage increase.

You may not know that truck drivers are subject to special laws, including federal laws to mandate breaks. These laws are in place to reduce the risk of these serious accidents. Unfortunately, many people every year are still injured or even killed as the result of a collision with a commercial vehicle.

Commercial truck collisions can drastically alter your life

Any accident involving two motor vehicles has the potential to cause injury and property damage. When one of the two vehicles involved in several times bigger and heavier than the other, the smaller vehicle carries the higher risk of serious injury. An accident caused by a commercial driver’s negligence could result in broken bones, head injuries, nerve damage, spinal injuries or even paralysis. When you or someone you love have suffered injuries because of someone else’s mistake, an attorney can help you recover your personal and financial losses.

Serious injuries carry with them serious financial burdens. In addition to emergency trauma care, you will likely need to pay for ongoing medical attention, including physical therapy. Then there’s the cost of vehicle repair or replacement, as well as lost wages. Depending on the severity of the injury, it’s possible that returning to the same career may be impossible.

All of that combined can create a serious financial hardship for your family, thanks to another driver’s mistakes. Working with an attorney can help minimize the impact of such an accident on your family and your future.

Your attorney can advocate for you after an accident

When you’re trying to recover from a serious accident mentally and physically, you don’t need to be worrying about whether or not your medical bills are paid. Your attorney can help you by reviewing any settlement offers to see if they are appropriate, given the extent of your injuries and losses. Your attorney can help you negotiate with trucking companies and insurers to obtain a better settlement. If need be, he or she can also file a civil lawsuit to help you recover your losses.