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Car accidents sometimes due to driver carelessness

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Car Accident Injuries |

An oral surgeon who had been in practice for many years was killed in a recent SUV accident. The tragedy occurred at a Texas car dealership on a Monday at around 8:15 a.m. Many car accidents are attributed to driver negligence, and in these situations, the drivers may be held liable for monetary damages in civil court.

The doctor was 77 years old. According to police, he was at the local car dealership when an employee was moving a sport utility vehicle in the parking lot and had to back up through the lot. The employee was with another worker in the motor vehicle, as they were attempting to open the gates for the business day.

All of a sudden, the two workers felt an impact and realized that the SUV had hit something. They got out and discovered the injured doctor. Sadly, the man suffered a major head injury along with broken facial bones as a result of the accident. He was transported to the hospital and placed in intensive care, but he later died.

The surviving family members of the victim may choose to file a Texas wrongful death claim against the driver of the sport utility vehicle, seeking the entry of a monetary judgment. The driver’s employer may also be named in the lawsuit. Liability has to be established, based upon competent proof of negligence, before claims for specific items of damage will be determined. A successfully fought lawsuit might lead to a judgment that may help to cover funeral costs and other documented financial losses that typically stem from these types of car accidents.

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