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Children’s potties and ceiling fans are defective products

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2017 | Defective Products |

A few recent product recalls may impact some Texas consumers. These recalls of defective products include a child’s toilet step stool, of which 2,400 have been recalled. Another recall involves 3,400 ceiling fans.

Regarding the step stool, Squatty Potty has decided to recall its stools because the devices’ top steps, which are removable and are hat shaped, may detach when children are standing on them. Thus, they can cause children to fall. So far, Squatty Potty has received a couple of reports regarding falling. In one case, the child struck her chin and bit her mouth, which caused bleeding. In the other case, the child took a tumble, which caused his head to strike a wall.

Concerning the ceiling fans, Monte Carlo has decided to recall its Cyclone fans since the brackets on the blades may break. As a result, the blades may fall and injure someone. So far, Monte Carlo has obtained 10 reports about breaking fan blades, with property damage occurring as a result in one case. However, nobody has reported injuries.

When companies place defective products on store shelves, consumers may unfortunately end up suffering injuries as a result. These injuries may be serious enough to keep a consumer in Texas from being able to return to work for a time depending on the nature of the product defect. This can take a financial toll on the victim, as can mounting medical bills related to his or her injuries. Fortunately, those hurt while using defective products have the right to file product liability claims, seeking damages. Monetary compensation in a successfully fought case may help to alleviate the financial burdens stemming from the use of the dangerous products.

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