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Riding mowers, pacifiers among defective products

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Defective Products |

A couple of recent product recalls may impact consumers in Texas. Some of the defective products being recalled are riding mowers from the company Briggs & Stratton. The other products being recalled are baby pacifiers.

Briggs & Stratton has decided to recall around 18,000 Massey Ferguson, Snapper and Simplicity riding mowers throughout the United States since the machine’s reverse-mow option switch has the potential to malfunction. Mowers could therefore unintentionally mow their lawns while operating the mowers in reverse. This may cause injuries to bystanders. So far, injuries have not been reported. However, customers who have purchased the mowers have been instructed to quit using them and schedule complementary repairs with the company.

Regarding the recalled baby pacifiers, Handi-Craft decided to pull 590,000 Dr. Brown Lovey pacifiers from store shelves. According to officials, the pacifier ribbon can become frayed, thus causing the snap to detach. This could ultimately lead to choking in young children. The company so far has received nearly 70 reports regarding the defective products, although injuries have not yet been reported.

Manufacturers in the United States are expected to produce product that are tested and proven to be safe for consumers. However, defective products end up in consumers’ homes sometimes and eventually cause them to suffer serious injuries. In these situations, those adversely affected have the right to file product liability claims against the makers of the products that caused them injury. A successfully fought claim in Texas may result in monetary damages that might help to cover medical bills and other related losses.

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