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Graduated licensing aims to save lives

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2021 | Car Accident Injuries |

Texas uses a graduated licensing program, which is designed to help keep younger drivers safer by implementing specific requirements that they must meet to keep their licenses.

One thing that parents should discuss with their children, especially prior to summer break and the start of the school year, is the limit on passengers. With a provisional license, drivers under the age of 18 are unable to carry more than a single passenger who is under the age of 21. This rule is in place to help prevent too many teens from riding together and driving recklessly as a result of peer influences.

This rule applies to anyone under 18, but it does have limitations. For example, if a 17-year-old child is asked to pick up two younger siblings who are 15 and 10, they are able to do so. The rule only applies to passengers who are not immediate family members.

Restrictions on provisional licenses may help save lives

The restrictions placed on provision licenses are important because they can help reduce the likelihood of a collision. With passenger restrictions, laws focus on making it easier for the driver to concentrate on the road.

Other restrictions are also in place in the state. Some of those include:

  • Not allowing cell phone use when a person has a learner’s permit or provisional license
  • Requiring drivers to stop driving with a curfew when they’re under 18. Those under 18 may not drive between midnight and 5:00 a.m. without supervision

These license restrictions may seem strict, but implementing them is for the better good. Once a teen reaches 18 or meets other requirements set by law, they are able to have the restrictions removed. At that point, it’s expected that they’ve been trained to drive well enough that they need no further restrictions on their license.

Talk about safety before your teen drives

Take the time to talk to your teen about their driving restrictions, so they know what is or is not legal. Going over safety precautions and restrictions now can help prevent crashes and make sure that your child gets home safe.