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Driving to school? Talk to your kids about school zones

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Car Accident Injuries |

In the fall, schools open back up and you’ll start to see more children walking in and around their schools. Whether you or your child drive through this area, it’s very important to talk about school zones and what it means to be safe when driving through one.

Drivers are expected to drive more slowly through school zones. They are also expected to follow the rules that apply to school zones, such as obeying the school zone speed limit and putting away devices to make sure they are watching the road carefully.

Get to know your local school zones

It’s a good idea to get to know the local school zones and the speed limit in that area. Most school zones ask that drivers go no faster than 25 mph when school is in session or during specific times.

Drivers also should not:

  • Pass a school bus from behind, especially if that bus is carrying children, unloading or loading
  • Speed through a school zone, since children may be entering the roadway
  • Block crosswalks, since this prevents children from crossing safely

School zones always have a lot of traffic, but you have an opportunity to help prevent collisions by lowering your speed and following the traffic rules in that area.

What should you do if you’re hit in a school zone?

If you are hit in a school zone, the hope is that the collision won’t be as significant as in other areas due to the reduced speed limit. Unfortunately, some people still speed and cause serious collisions that impact those around them. If you’re hit by a bus, dangerous driver, new driver or other person, they may be liable for any damage they caused and any injuries you suffered.

If you’re hit by a driver, know that you can make a legal claim

It’s okay to look into making a personal injury claim and filing it against an at-fault driver, even if they are a teen or young adult in a school zone. All drivers are expected to follow the rules, so those who are not being safe should be held accountable.