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FDA comes under fire, Abbott finally reopens after recalls

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | Defective Products |

The baby formula recall that has been a prominent part of 2022 has resulted in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration facing frustration from anxious parents and individuals throughout the country. The U.S. FDA is in charge of “protecting the public health” of people in the U.S., but the way it handled the 2022 baby formula recall has led to many people and agencies becoming frustrated with it. Consumer groups have been pushing for the reorganization of the agency to make sure future recalls are handled more efficiently.

According to Food Safety Network, there are people who would like to see the “food” part of the Food and Drug Administration moved into its own department. Separating the agency, some believe, would make sure that responses to claims about foods being dangerous or deadly could be investigated more quickly.

Since the Abbott baby formula recall in mid-February 2022, action has been taken. Despite that, slow response times and regulatory errors could have led to irreversible damage.

The shortage of formula may be coming to an end

Fortunately, the recall did go into effect, and the shortage in formula it caused may soon be over with. Abbott reported on July 9 that it would be reopening its Michigan plant, allowing more formula to enter the market.

Abbott, prior to the recall, used to hold around 40% of the baby formula market, which is why the recall of so many batches of formula caused a nationwide shortage. The company had started up again in early June, but it was shut down once again when heavy flooding and rains affected the region.

As a parent, this kind of trouble with one of few food sources for infants reliant on formula is upsetting. If your child was made ill by the formula or you struggled to find a replacement, you may also be among those hoping to see a reorganization of the FDA and hoping for a resolution to help in the future.

Remember, if your child was ill or passed away because of the formula, you may be able to take legal action. This situation was extreme, and the company may be able to be held responsible.