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How can families affected by a semi-truck crash move forward?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | Truck Accident Injuries |

It can take months for families to handle all of the consequences of a car crash. The more extreme the collision is, the longer people will likely feel the consequences of the wreck. A crash that only causes property damage could cause many short-term logistical and financial challenges but would ultimately have minimal lasting impact on the people involved.

On the other hand, collisions that result in injury or in someone dying can have long-term consequences for daily life in a household and also massive financial implications. A commercial vehicle or semi-truck is so large and heavy that it can cause severe or fatal injuries to the occupants of smaller vehicles and the operator alike.

Semi-trucks are a constant presence on Texas roads, as there are vehicles traveling back and forth across the state headed in every direction, and all of that traffic translates to increased collision risk. How can a family affected by a semi-truck collision minimize the lasting consequences that the crash has on their household?

They will likely need to seek compensation

People frequently take for granted that the insurance claims process is easy for the people affected by a wreck. However, insurance companies are largely for-profit organizations that would prefer to reduce how much they pay when someone does have grounds for a claim. Even those involved in a basic collision involving two passenger vehicles might have a complicated negotiation process ahead of them. Those affected by crashes caused by an 18-wheeler can anticipate an even more difficult insurance negotiation process. After all, the insurance requirements for a semi-truck are much higher than the insurance requirements for a passenger vehicle in Texas.

Most commercial trucks will have at least $750,000 worth of liability coverage, although some policies may have even more coverage than that. The amount of coverage is beneficial because it can come closer to fully compensating those who have catastrophic injuries or who lost a loved one in a wreck. The downside of that higher level of coverage is that there is often more opposition to a sizable claim because of how much the company stands to lose. The same can be said of a response to any personal injury lawsuit that victims or surviving loved ones may file.

Often, those struggling with serious injuries or grief after losing a loved one will not be in an ideal position to handle complicated negotiations on their own. Seeking legal guidance to better understand what resources are available to those affected by a semi-truck crash and how they differ from the opportunities available after other collisions may benefit those seeking to minimize their losses related to a recent collision with a commercial truck.