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What damages can those hurt in a Texas crash seek to recover?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Car Accident Injuries |

Car crashes may only last a few seconds, but they can result in lasting consequences for the people involved. Those hurt in a collision often need to seek compensation. Every motorist in Texas is subject to legal requirements necessitating liability insurance. People may also incur personal financial responsibility if they cause a crash and do not have sufficient insurance to compensate the people affected by the wreck.

Those in Texas trying to handle the practical consequences of a recent collision may struggle to assert their rights, in part because they may not understand their options or how much the crash will cost them. Recognizing what expenses are recoverable after a crash can help people determine the right step to take after a collision in Texas.

What can people hope to recoup after a crash?

In general, Texas state statutes allow those impacted by the poor choices, illegal activity or negligence of others to take legal action. If there isn’t available insurance or if someone’s total losses exceed the available coverage, then a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit could be an option.

Property damage expenses are usually eligible for compensation after a crash. The cost to repair a vehicle or buy a new one can contribute tens of thousands of dollars to the overall financial impact of a crash. Additionally, if someone gets hurt, they may have medical expenses. Existing medical bills and estimated future treatment costs can contribute to the total value of a car crash claim.

Those with significant injuries may also have lost wages. They may be unable to work until they recover from their injuries. That might mean multiple weeks or even several months before they get back to work. People can claim the income they did not earn because of their injuries.

They can also claim any lost earning potential created by permanent injuries. If someone has a brain or spinal cord injury, they may never be able to work in the same profession again and will have to adjust to a far lower level of personal income. The difference between their prior wages and their current wages can also be a loss that they seek to recover from the party responsible for the collision. Finally, it is possible to seek non-economic damages, like compensation for pain and suffering.

Those who take the time to really evaluate how a collision will affect their finances and their lives will be able to put together a more comprehensive estimate. They will also, therefore, have an easier time asking for appropriate compensation and seeking it with the assistance of an experienced legal professional.