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San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you love had a car accident that resulted in catastrophic injuries, you will find the legal counsel you need at Dilley Law Firm. Our firm has served the people of San Antonio, Bexar County and the surrounding communities since 1969. We have a staff filled with highly reputable attorneys who have received multiple industry awards in their careers.

The Importance Of Having A Personal Injury Attorney

There is nothing wrong with filing your car accident claim by yourself. However, if you are interested in recovering maximum compensation for damages, this probably isn’t wise. Extensive research shows that people who work with car accident attorneys recover an average of three times more money than people who do not.

We have handled thousands of motor vehicle accident cases throughout Texas. Our lawyers put in every available ounce of effort to gather evidence, investigate the accident site and speak with witnesses. They stand up to the representatives from insurance companies to prevent them from taking advantage of you. And they have recovered millions of dollars total for injured victims and their surviving loved ones.

If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Have To Pay

At our firm, we use a no-win, no-fee model. If your personal injury attorneys do not recover financial compensation, you do not owe us anything. This ensures that you receive reliable legal counsel without the financial strain of having to pay expensive fees. If we do recover monetary compensation for you through a trial or a settlement, we accept a small percentage as our payment.

Talk To A Personal Injury Attorney In A Free Consultation

Our San Antonio car accident lawyers at Dilley Law Firm will advocate for your rights after a serious crash. Learn more about how we can help you by scheduling a free, no-risk, no-obligation initial consultation. Call us at 210-255-2060 or send us an email. In addition to our law practice in Bexar County, we represent clients in Hidalgo County, Austin, Brownsville, Houston, McAllen and Weslaco.