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Factors To Understand In Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents pose serious risks to everyone involved. Victims of truck wrecks often suffer severe and long-term injuries. At Dilley Law Firm, we represent individuals and families in McAllen and San Antonio and throughout Texas who have been harmed by truck accidents.

Our attorneys understand the impact on your life after an accident. We will help you find the right medical care and advocate for your interests with the insurance company. We are not afraid to file a lawsuit and take your claim to trial if it will help maximize your compensation.

Investigating Truck Accident Causes

We will thoroughly investigate the accident to determine the cause and who can be held liable. Common factors that contribute to truck accidents include:

  • Unsafe driving, such as distracted driving, speeding or fatigue
  • Improper loading of the trailer, such as overloading or weight balance issues
  • Lack of training for truck drivers on how to safely operate large trailers
  • Mechanical problems or hazards that were never fixed by the trucking company

These pose serious risks for everyone on the road. Our law firm has seen the physical and emotional toll of the damage caused by these crashes. We are passionate about helping victims because we know what you and your loved ones are going through.

Advocating For You

We will advocate for your interests at every step. We will help you get the right medical care and assist with everything related to your insurance claim. We will also explore all available options to pursue a financial recovery against the truck driver, company and all parties responsible for your accident.

We are skilled trial lawyers with a reputation for success. We have more than five decades of experience handling complex personal injury claims on behalf of plaintiffs across Texas. Our success in handling these claims is due to our diligence and commitment to you.

Let Us Explore Your Legal Options

Let us take the stress off your shoulders after an accident so you can focus on getting better and being with your family. We will handle everything and make sure you are treated fairly and with respect.

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